Granblue Fantasy Gets Charming Music Video Featuring Vira’s Song “Another Sky”

Today Cygames hosted the Granblue Fantasy Summer Festival in Osaka, Japan, and in addition to a host of announcements, they also showcased a lovely music video.

The video features the song “Another Sky” masterfully performed by Vira’s voice actress Asami Imai.

Imai-san is well known for her many roles including Noire in the Neptunia series, Makise Kurisu in Steins;Gate, Chihaya Kisaragi in The Idolmaster, Ikaruga in Senran Kagura, Tsubaki Yayoi in Blazblue, and many more.

Vira herself is one of the most popular characters of the Grandblue Fantasy series, with her yandere vibes and eternal obsession for Katalina  She has emerged at the top of many popularity polls for good reason.

The song itself is just another example of Grandblue Fantasy‘s amazing production values for a mobile game. You can check the video out below (recorded by YouTube user 艾爾斯藍德爾).

Granblue Fantasy recently celebrated passing 21 million players and released its summer commercial. During today’s eveht, we also heard that the upcoming console game for PS4 Granblue Fantasy Project Re: Link will get another reveal between December 15th and December 16th, when the developer will host Cygames Fes at the Makuhari Messe in Chiba, near Tokyo.

While the game is technically available only in Japan for iOS, Android, and PC via browsers, it’s actually localized in English and playable worldwide. You can read how to install it and play in hour handy guide.

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