Donkey Kong is Now Available on the Nintendo Switch

It’s time to go bananas– Nintendo has announced that the arcade version of Donkey Kong is now available for the Nintendo Switch.

This announcement, while surprising given the fierce legal battle that has surrounded the title in recent years, showcases Nintendo’s willingness to curate their library of older games without a dedicated Virtual Console. The internet was a gloomy place last month when Nintendo announced that they wouldn’t be bringing the Virtual Console brand to the Nintendo Switch. For a while, it seemed like an entire generation of gamers would be unable to experience decades of Nintendo’s aged gems without shelling out serious money for vintage hardware.

However, recent releases to the Switch seem to suggest that this won’t be the case. Switch owners can play a hunk chunk of the Mega Man library in Mega Man Legacy Collection as well as play several previously elusive titles in the Arcade Archives series. With Nintendo’s assurance that they will be providing a Netflix-style service of select vintage games with their online service, Donkey Kong will have some company sooner rather than later.

In addition to rekindling hope about future classic titles, Donkey Kong’s presence on Switch is also welcome due to the Switch’s portrait mode. By laying your Switch on a flat surface (such as a coffee table), it’s possible to play Donkey Kong vertically, keeping the arcade version’s sense of scale intact.

Donkey Kong is available for the Nintendo Switch right now. Of course, if you’re looking for more action from everyone’s favorite primate, keep an eye out for the Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Donkey Kong Adventure DLC launching on June 26th.


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