Seattle Seahawks free agency 2018: Top 5 targets

The Seahawks have a lot of rebuilding to do in Seattle this spring, and five targets stick out if they want to make a big splash in free agency.

The Seattle Seahawks are making all sorts of moves this offseason, and it looks like they’re hoping to use this free agency period and the NFL Draft as a means for a serious rebuild this spring.

The team has a ton of rumors swirling around its locker room, with the Michael Bennett trade as a perfect example for what the team is doing. They’re taking no prisoners, and they’re looking to revamp both sides of the ball as they try to get back to the Super Bowl in a competitive NFC. Now, they just need to find the pieces.

There are a ton of big names still out there for the Seahawks to go after, but they missed the boat on a couple stars that could’ve fixed things immediately in Seattle. With a smaller pool out there to pick from, the Seahawks now just need to find a specific vision and attack it.

To help out with the cause, here are five names for the Seahawks to target this offseason in free agency.

5. LeGarrette Blount

The Seahawks have seen their rushing attack struggle over the past few years, mainly since Super Bowl XLIX ended because of the team’s failure to properly utilize Marshawn Lynch in their backfield. They’ve had some speedy backs behind Russell Wilson the last two years, but they need another powerful back.

The team obviously knows this, as they attempted to make things work with the Eddie Lacy experiment after the former Green Bay Packers running back lost some weight and made his way to Seattle. Lacy didn’t click in the Seahawks backfield, and it may make sense for the team to move on from Lacy in favor of a back-to-back Super Bowl champion in LeGarrette Blount.

Blount has been terrorizing defenses over the last few seasons, whether he was dominating in the AFC East in a record-setting season for the New England Patriots a few years ago, or helping the Philadelphia Eagles to a Super Bowl victory a month ago. He’s been making the rounds looking to help teams win titles, and he could be a huge help in rebuilding the Seahawks offense in 2018.

Wilson would benefit in a big way with Blount in the backfield, giving the team more options than just the usual small, fast running back that defenses are accustomed to when they travel to Seattle. It’d provide a variety, help out with play action, and give Wilson the chance to move around more when he’s passing.

The team’s offensive line is the obvious area where the team needs to improve first, but it wouldn’t hurt to build up a rushing force at the same time.

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