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Designed, engineered, and tested in the UK, these alarm and indicator sets from JRC complete a striking bankside set up, and put carp anglers across the country in instant touch with what’s going on in their swim.

Superior sound quality and travelling LEDs in bold, bright colours brings you an alarm that instantly grabs your attention when you get a bite, while a hard ABS body is designed to provide impact resistance that will impress even the most active campaign carp angler.

For the contemporary UK carper, style is just as important as functionality, and JRC have loaded these Special Edition Radar CX Alarms and Kurve Slim Indicators with the best of both worlds.

JRC Special Edition Radar CX Alarms and Slim Curved Indicators

With a toughness and waterproof readiness that sets them, and you, up for success during a short session or a full on campaign on any venue, these alarms are everything style-conscious carp anglers with a need for the most practical gear out there have been looking for.

Offering a range of at least 150metres, and equipped with a nightlight function, these JRC alarms are all about making the most of your carp fishing, and getting your bankside set up to all but guarantee success. The impressive range gives you greater freedom when it comes to choosing the best spot to set up your bivvy, while committed carp campaigners, and those limited to fishing after work, or in the evenings, will be glad of the nightlight function as autumn marches on, and winter knocks at the bivvy door.

The internal components are all fully sealed, so you can safely use these alarms in a lashing downpour, and still trust in their accuracy and rapid response. With the brightness of the LEDs, and the impressive audible range, you don’t need to get wet until something happens – bivvy up, and wait for the bites to come in complete comfort.

Rubber inserts allow you to mount your rods securely, and keep it from sliding around, even when everything on the bank is soaked through, while a rolling code ID prevents interference from other alarms on the bank, giving a smooth, seamless experience every time you head out in pursuit of something carpy.

The Kurve indicators feature a slender hanging body that is unobtrusive, and works well with almost any set up, while an internal isotope slot enhances an already impressive performance. Like the alarms, these indicators are designed, engineered, and tested in the UK, so they’re ready for anything the Great British angler is likely to come up against.

A dual line clip, suitable for mono or braided line, gives you the option of using sliding lines, while an easy turn and fix system allows you to swap the indicator bodies out, effortlessly changing up your set up to suit your mood and style.

JRC Special Edition CX Alarms and Kurve Slim Indicators

 Alarmingly Impressive

Whether you enjoy a few hours at the bank, or like to make the most of everything the water has to offer on campaigns running for several days or more, these alarm and indicator sets look good, perform well, and will keep up with any style of carp fishing as you put in the work to achieve your angling ambitions. Pop in to your local Angling Direct store to get a closer look, or order yours online today.

Key Features:

– Superior sound quality alarms

– High impact ABS protection

– Weather sealed components

– Travelling and latching LEDS

– Rolling code ID to prevent interference

– Designed, engineered, and tested in the UK

– Indicators include internal isotope slot

– Dual line clip for fixed or sliding braid or mono lines

– Slender hanging body

– Quick and easy change out

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