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Game, Set, and Match – Advanta

Advanta may have begun life as a carp brand, but, with a commitment to innovation, product refinement, and bringing anglers from all disciplines on board, match, predator, coarse, and even sea anglers can now benefit from the Advanta advantage, and enjoy performance fishing without the price tag.

With a determination to searching the globe to find the teams and technology that can take our tackle innovation to the next level, nothing gets in the way of Advanta bringing anglers of all disciplines tackle that’s designed to succeed, and guaranteed to deliver.

Advanta X5 Match Line

X5 is Advanta’s dynamic range of match fishing tackle. Bringing you a sinking line that’s ideal for feeder fishing, a floating line that settles your floats just where you want them, and a rig line that’s designed for all the cunning tricks and traps you’ll set for your quarry, the Advanta X5 range of match fishing line is designed to succeed in every situation.

Sinking Line

Key Features:

– Ideal for feeder and waggler fishing

– High abrasion resistance

– Virtually invisible underwater

– Great knot strength

– Impressive power to diameter ratio

– Available in a variety of breaking strains

– Made in Germany

Floating Line

Key Features:

– Designed for float fishing

– Exceptional abrasion resistance

– Superior power to diameter ratio

– Soft and supple

– Ultra low visibility

– Impressive knot strength

– Variety of breaking strains available

– Made in Germany


Rig Line

Key Features:

– Made in Japan

– Stands up to the competition

– Soft and supple

– High abrasion resistance

– Variety of breaking strains available

Get On Line

Tackling up with the right line is the first step to a smooth session, and ensures you can enjoy the angling, and the results, you want every time, with the peace of mind that comes from knowing your gear won’t let you down.

Affordable for everyone, Advanta creates tackle and accessories that offer impressive performance against even the most elite competition, putting success in your hands whatever your budget.

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