Mayhem Academy sign Mangachu to their Contenders team

Mayhem Academy has announced the addition of Liam “Mangachu” Campbel to their Overwatch Roster. The decision comes after Mangachu was still searching for a team in the new year. Formerly a part of XL2 Academy, Mangachu was let go as XL2 refocussed their efforts to form a local Contenders team. This left many professional players without a team. XL2’s decision to go for a local team instead of awarding players based on their merit was met with surprise and disbelief by many in the Overwatch Community.

The player is a very high mobility DPS Player and has an excellent understanding of his positioning. He can always keep on applying pressure on opponents ensuring that they are not too comfortable with their current situation. Ofcourse Overwatch is a team game and the synergy with the rest of the team becomes extremely important. Mangachu has been on several rosters and we have never heard a single negative thing about the player.

His trademark heroes include Pharah, Junkrat, Hanzo & Genji. Joining Mayhem Academy provides Mangachu a means to express his playstyle. While he is definitely a player of OWL calibre, he is no longer in the Tier one league.

The Overwatch League starts on the 14th of February 2019. It will feature a total of 20 teams for Season 2. Most of the matches will take place in Los Angeles.


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