Ripple Price Watch | XRP/USD Breaks Resistance, Holds Steady At $0.95

Key Highlights:

  • Ripple price managed to hold steady around $0.95 for the past few days
  • XRP/USD broke through a critical resistance of $0.92 earlier today
  • A bullish trend is forming, taking XRP toward a new resistance at $0.955

Ripple Breaks Resistance, Holds Steady

Earlier today, Ripple broke through a critical resistance point of $0.92, now holding steady at around $0.95. This follows up on last week’s price movements which saw the cryptocurrency drop below $1.00 and enter a bear territory.

Now, a bullish trend is forming again, which could test a new resistance of approximately $0.955. Next up would be $0.97 if XRP manages to surpass $0.95 and go on another bull run. On the downside, a price level of $0.935 is still attainable. A triangle pattern has also formed to show the possible XRP price range for the rest of the day.

Ripple Price Watch

Source: Tradingview

In terms of technicals, a bullish signal is shown by the MACD line crossover. The moving averages are also indicating a bullish reversal that could take XRP above $0.94.

Looking at the Technical Indicators:

  • Hourly MACD — Bullish signal sent
  • Major Support Level — $0.935
  • Major Resistance Level — $0.955

Featured Image: Twitter

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