Power ranking P.J. Tucker’s five best playoff outfits


You may know P.J. Tucker as the stout 3-and-D wing trying to slow down Kevin Durant. What you might not know is that he’s the best dressed NBA player this side of Russell Westbrook.

On the court, P.J. Tucker does yeoman’s work. He often defends the opposing team’s best wing scorer (which happens to be Kevin Durant in the Western Conference Finals). He shoots 3s when called upon, chases loose balls and battles bigger players in the post and on the glass. These are essential tasks for the well-being of the Rockets but they are not exactly glamorous.

Off-the-court, Tucker is the physical embodiment of glamour. He has one of the most extensive sneaker collections known to man, fashion choices which do, technically come onto the court. But the way he uses that footwear to accentuate the garb above it is a work of art (definitely from the postmodern school).

Tucker has had a higher profile this year with the Rockets deep playoff run and his pre and post-game outfits have been exquisite. Here are five of our favorites.

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