LeBron James’ best and worst playoff games


Jason Mann and Rich Kraetsch look at the best and worst playoff performances of LeBron James’ career in the latest episode of the Over and Back Classic NBA Podcast.

We discuss some of his best games in series from 2009 vs. the Orlando Magic and Atlanta Hawks, 2016 vs. the Golden State Warriors, 2018 vs. the Toronto Raptors and Indiana Pacers, 2010 vs. the Chicago Bulls, 2014 vs. the Brooklyn Nets, 2006 vs. the Washington Wizards and 2007 vs. the Detroit Pistons. We also look at his worst games in 2008 vs. the Boston Celtics and 2014 vs. the Pacers, as well as infamous breakdowns in 2010 vs. the Celtics and 2011 vs. the Dallas Mavericks in the NBA Finals.

We then look at his five buzzer-beating playoff game-winners and playoff career-highs. This whole discussion is particularly apt during this year’s playoffs where LeBron has arguably had some of the best and the absolute worst games of his playoff career.


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