Examining possible 2018 free agency approaches


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The Los Angeles Lakers could take a number of approaches to 2018 NBA free agency. Which ones make the most sense as they target a quick return to relevance?

For months now, Los Angeles Lakers fans everywhere have eagerly awaited the arrival of the 2018 offseason. I mean, how could you not considering the tunnel-visioned focus Magic Johnson has put on it — and 2018 NBA free agency, more specifically?

It’s almost as if there wasn’t a 2017-18 season to play. I’m sure the focus on the future took a toll on the Lakers’ current players, although that’s neither here nor there. The fact remains that Los Angeles has officially missed the postseason after Monday’s loss, meaning free agency is about to become the only thing fans of the Lake Show are interested in talking about.

Good thing the Lakers don’t have a pick during the 2018 NBA Draft. Oh wait…

Well anyways, I’m getting off topic. Keeping with the current trend of focusing too much on free agency, I’ve decided to take a look at the Lakers’ options when July rolls around. These glimpses will include some hypotheticals, as well as some thoughts on why these approaches should or shouldn’t be pursued.

So without further ado, here are three free agency approaches the Lakers are most likely to deploy. I’m sure there are more possibilities out there, but these are the ones that make the most sense.

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