3 ways Anthony Davis compares to young LeBron James


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When LeBron James recently took on Anthony Davis in primetime, the media put together graphic after graphic of comparisons. Here’s how they compared at 25.

When Michael Jordan neared the end of his NBA career, apprentice Kobe Bryant was waiting to take his spot as the league’s best player. While Kobe was certainly the league’s alpha dog, LeBron James quickly asserted himself to the NBA’s upper echelon.

Now as King James navigates the latter years of his career (maybe?) a handful of young players appear poised to take his throne.

None of them have the pedigree of Kobe during MJ’s final years, or LeBron during Bryant’s.  Giannis Antetokounmpo is an incredible athlete, but lacks the smoothness and raw skills of his predecessor. Joel  Embiid is great. Still, the flashiness of a wing seemingly supersedes the stiffness of a center when it comes to superstar rankings.

Devin Booker certainly has the game most comparable to the aforementioned legends, yet he is raw and needs time to mature before gaining entry into the best ever conversation.

Then there is Anthony Davis, the likable, graceful power forward that plays anywhere on the floor.  If it weren’t for injuries, Davis may already have an MVP trophy on his mantle. Now finally healthy, he’s crafting a season possibly worthy of the award.

When the New Orleans Pelicans squared off against the Cleveland Cavaliers on Friday night, TV producers crafted graphics comparing James and Davis, and rightfully so. Here are some ways Davis compared to LeBron during similar times in their careers.

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