3 players who may not be around in 2018-19


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Between their pursuit of LeBron James and attempts to create cap space, the Los Angeles Lakers may be forced to bid farewell to one or all of these three players in the near future.

The Los Angeles Lakers‘ future is a complete, perplexing mystery. No one knows what lies just around the bend. So many scenarios could play out in the next few months, all resulting in very different long-term outcomes for the storied franchise.

We all know that guys like Lonzo Ball, Kyle Kuzma and Brandon Ingram will be around for some time. However, as decisions are made this offseason, the Lakers may need to say goodbye to others. It’s a painful part of the process, but the NBA is a business — that much has become very clear, especially in recent years.

As you read that, you may be wondering, “Well who are these ‘others’ you’re speaking of?” You can probably imagine at least one or two of the names I have in mind. Instead of just assuming, though, I want to paint you a realistic picture of which Lakers could be shown the door in the coming months.

You may not like which players are on this list. You may not agree with my take. We’re all entitled to our opinions, but I’m only saying these things because I believe them to be true.

So brace yourself. The following three Lakers could very well be gone before the 2018-19 season gets under way. There’s no guarantee, but I see at least a couple of hypothetical situations in which each one is sent packing this offseason.

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